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Our Lemons Rally Project

Like any modern day business with ‘business-sense’, we’re always looking for ways to promote our business and get eyes on our internet content. We already promote the business prominently on our vehicles, which gets a lot of eyes as we travel to shows and garages across Ontario. However, we were looking to do something a bit different.

That something different came to us in an episode of Roadkill where Frieburger and Finnigan competed in a Lemons Rally. It’s put on by the same group that does the 24 Hours of Lemons but instead of a track race it’s a 6-day road rally. It’s not a timed event, but you get points for checkpoints reached, vehicle creativity and costumes among other things. They put on 5 rallies a year in different locations across the US and Canada. The rally we’re competing in is called the Four Bangors Bangers Rally. It starts in Bangor, MI then up to London, ON, then across to Malone, NY, from there to Bangor, ME, down to Hartford, CT, across to Akron, OH, and then finally back to Bangor, MI. We’re assuming of course that there’s stops in two other Bangors along the way! In total, the rally covers just over 2400 miles so lots of opportunity to get the Dynomite name out, especially considering we’ll be covering highway 401 from Belleville to Windsor, then London to Gananoque.

Once we comitted to the rally, we needed our statement piece; our rolling billboard. We ultimately decided on a 1983 Mercedes 300D diesel sedan. It’s comfortable, somewhat easy on fuel, and has a certain lemony appeal! The previous owner drove it daily and it’s still running well for having over 430,000km on it. It had a lot of rust on it when he bought it, so he took it upon himself to patch all the rust spots and give it a new black paint job……WITH A BRUSH! Honestly, it doesn’t look bad from 20 feet away, and again gives it some lemony appeal.

Aside from completing checkpoints, we can get extra points for creative styling. We plan on decking it out like a teenager with his first car! On eBay we found a chin spoiler, rear spoiler, fog lights, fender flares and wheel spacers. Top it off with a roof rack, light bar and a pile of graphics, and we’ll be ready to turn some heads! Check back often and follow our social media for updates on the build.

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