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Here are our latest videos from our YouTube Channel. Click the link to see them all!

Dodge Ram Project InfHemi Part 5 - Its on the Move!

http://dynomiteperformance.ca/project-infhemi-update-2/ - We're excited that InfHemi is finally on the move! It's going to our good friend and InfHemi driver, Nathan Cooper, for it's body and tranny work. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for updates.

Project InfHemi Part 4 - Intro to HP Tuners

http://www.dynomiteperformance.ca - Things are finally starting to get a bit more interesting with our Dodge Ram Drag truck project we've named Project InfHemi. The fuel system is complete and it starts! Now we're getting in to more technical aspects with the help of the tuning platform HP Tuners.

Dodge Ram Project InfHemi Part 3

http://www.dynomiteperformance.ca - Now that the holiday season is behind us, we were finally able to get back to work on our drag truck, Project InfHemi. We've almost got the fuel system ready to go, so we are banking on having it runing for the next video. Stay tuned!

Dodge Ram Project InfHemi Part 2

http://dynomiteperformance.ca/introducing-project-infhemi/ - We're making progress on our 2004 Dodge Ram Drag Truck nicknamed Project InfHemi. The interior is out, the gas tank is removed, and we've mocked up our fuel cell, nitrous and battery location in the bed. Our next goal is to get the fuel system and battery hooked back up to make sure it still runs.

Introducing Project InfHemi

http://dynomiteperformance.ca/introducing-project-infhemi/ - This is our most exciting project to date! A 2004 Dodge Ram short box regular cab with the 5.7 Hemi that we're going to turn into a drag truck. This video just gives a snapshot of the project and what to expect from us over the Winter