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Here are our latest videos from our YouTube Channel. Click the link to see them all!

Dodge Magnum RT Dyno Test with Diablosport 93 Tune

http://www.dynomite.shop - As a continuation of our Dodge Magnum RT tests, in this video we put a 93 tune from Diablosport to the test. You can find the Diablosport tuners for sale on the website above. We ended up with 281hp and 313ft/lb, which was up from 276hp and 307ft/lbs on our previous muffler delete test. Stay tuned for more tests.

Dodge Magnum Muffler/Suitcase Delete Dyno Test

http://www.dynomiteperformance.ca - Once again we're testing a popular mod for the Dodge Magnum and other LX series cars (Charger and 300). In this video we've removed the muffler/suitcase and tested for performance gains. After our K&N cold air intake test we were at 276hp and 298ft/lbs. With the removal of the muffler we remained at 276hp but gained 9ft/lb of torque up to 307ft/lb. It also sounds fantastic, so this is definitely a mod that we recommend

1970 Chevy Camaro Z28 Dyno Run

http://www.dynomiteperformance.ca - On the dyno at the September 2018 ArmDrop event was a 1970 Camaro Z28. It took two pulls to find the correct 1:1 gear, but Shawn managed to put down 324HP and 396FT/LB to the rear wheels.

K&N Cold Air Intake Horsepower Gains on a Dodge Magnum

http://www.dynomite.shop - The beauty of havning a dyno is that we're able to show our customers and followers what gains to expect when purchasing and installing a performance upgrade. In this video we're testing a K&N intake on a 2005 Dodge Magnum. This particular intake is the same for the Dodge Charger, Challengers and Chrysler 300, so if you have one of those vehicles you can expect similar results. K&N claims to get a 21HP gain from this install, but unfortunately we were only able to get a 10HP gain. In K&N's defense they tested a Magnum with 250,000 less km and probably did it indoors. We do sell this intake in our online store, so if you're in the market for an intake just visit the link above. We strive to only sell products that we've had the opportunity to test!

1972 Ford Pinto with 460 Big Block Dyno Run

http://www.dynomiteperformance.ca - On the dyno is Chris and his 1972 Ford Pinto drag car. The car has a 460 big block V8. I was very interested in the numbers considering I will be putting one in my 1968 F100. Chris's car made 270HP and 312Ft/LB of Torque.