Here are our latest videos from our YouTube Channel. Click the link to see them all! --- It's far from the most powerful we've done (and not even the lowest HP we've done!), but it's always cool to see survivors like this still on the road and running well. This Meteor we dyno'd at the Petrie Ford Rouch Lanuch Show made 82HP and 157FT/LB. Considering it was rated at 85HP from the factory, we know this example has stood the test of time! - Aside from race cars, Rilli Racing also takes on projects to bring neglected cars back to life. This Factory Five kit car with a 2003 Corvette LS motor was thrown together poorly by the original owner. The new owner has asked Steffen at Rilli Racing to make it drive as good as it looks. Aside from the amazing custom work done by Steffen to the suspension and electrical, the dyno runs showed that the motor was in desperate need of a rebuild. It was later discovered that it was only firing on one bank of cylinders! - We recently spent the day at Rilli Racing doing some tests on their 2015 Radical race car. The car features the 195hp Hayabusa engine and sounds amazing with the pedal to the floor - On the dyno at the FBMP Foxfest 2018 event is a 2017 Ford Focus RS. We thought the guy must not know that the car is all-wheel drive, but apparently it has a dyno mode that disengages the rear wheels. Who knew?! It made 283HP and 331FT/LB. He wasn't sure if he was in the correct gear, so anyone with an RS that has dyno'd please comment. - On the dyno at the N0-Club show at the Jukasa Motor Speedway is a 2015 Ford Mustang GT. Lots of work done to this one. Custom colour, sits on air ride, and has the nicest sound i've heard on a new Mustang. 399HP and 360FT/LB