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We offer a variety of tuning packages for domestic makes, including Ford, GM, Chrysler and Jeep. We can tune most of the aforementioned vehicles from 2000-present, but please contact us as the years do vary (ie. 1996-present Mustangs).

Tuning Packages

Quick Tune – $350 (with two dyno pulls)

Perfect for most street cars and those who occasionally want to open it up on the strip! This tune wakes up your ECU and unlocks your engine’s once hidden performance. Specify what fuel you want to run, change your tire size (if different from stock), and removing the speed limiter are some of the various features available with the quick tune. There are more specific options available depending on what vehicle you have (ie. launch control for late model Mustangs!). Each quick tune package comes with a before and after dyno pull with printouts so you can track the results.



Dynomite Tune – $1000 (with four dyno pulls)

For the ultimate street/strip weekend warrior!  This tune is for street cars that routinely go to drag and race events….or simply for those that want to get the most from their vehicle. This is a fully custom tune! With this tune we can modify gear ratios, timing, fueling as well as specific mods such as MAFs, cold air intakes, pulleys and exhausts. The process takes between 4 to 6 hours to make sure that each tune is absolutely perfect. Each Dynomite Tune package comes with one before dyno run and three additional dyno runs to test various tuning options.



Additional dyno runs can be purchased for $50 per run

If you would like the option of switching between custom tunes, a Diablosport inTune i2 can be purchased for $500. This handheld tuner allows you to store up to 10 custom tunes

Tuning is also available for carbureted vehicles. This service is a flat fee of $150/hr (dyno runs included)