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We offer a variety of tuning packages for domestic makes, including Ford, GM, Chrysler and Jeep. We can tune most of the aforementioned vehicles from 2000-present, but please contact us as the years do vary (ie. 1996-present Mustangs).

Electronic Fuel Injection

Quick Tune – Starting at $400 (including dyno pulls)

For the Quick Tune we mainly use Diablosport canned tunes. Save money by not having to purchase the programmer! Specify what fuel you want to run, change your tire size (if different from stock), and removing the speed limiter are some of the various features available with the quick tune. There are more specific options available depending on what vehicle you have (ie. launch control for late model Mustangs!). Each quick tune package comes with a before and after dyno pull with printouts so you can track the results.

Custom Tune – Starting at $800 (with unlimited dyno pulls)

For custom tuning we typically use HP Tuners but also have access to Diablosport CMR platform. These tunes are for the serious car enthusiast that has done extensive modifications to the vehicle and wants to extract every potential bit of power possible. The process takes between 4 to 8 hours to make sure that each tune is absolutely perfect. Each Custom Tune package comes with unlimited dyno runs.

Additional dyno runs can be purchased for the Quick Tune at $50 per run

If you would like the option of switching between canned tunes, a Diablosport inTune i3 can be purchased for $500. Edge also makes a tuner that can store custom HP tuner tunes for easy switching.

Classic Car/Truck Tuning (Carb Setup)

Aside from modern electronic fuel injection, we can also tune your carbed classic car or truck. This service is a flat service rate of $200/hour. This category also includes aftermarket EFI setups like FITech, Holley EFI and MSD Atomic EFI. This service includes unlimited dyno runs, air/fuel monitoring, as well as timing adjustment.

For an additional fee we can also change the jets in your carb.