2005 Dodge Magnum RT (SOLD!)Watch a sound clip on YouTube – I have to admit, these vehicles were not my favourite by any means, but i’ve been converted after working on one! We purchased the Magnum from a one-owner family that never drove it in the winter. The interior and exterior were immaculate, but it needed our touch to look perfect. We decided to remove all the emblems, tint the headlights and taillights, as well as black out the trim and wheels. We put it on the dyno and got 280rwhp and 320 ft/lbs of torque, which are in line with stock numbers. For performance, we added a cold air intake, deleted the resonator and gave it a 91 octane tune. Unfortunately, the weather got nasty and we never got final dyno numbers before we sold it. On the “butt dyno” it did feel like a new car. Hopefully we can get the new owner back for final dyno numbers this season


1956 Dodge Power Wagon (SOLD!) – If there was one that I wish we had the time to work on it was this one. Not every day you come across one of these, so we had to have it. It was actually luck that brought us together. We went to a military vehicle surplus to look at an old White 5 ton when we spotted the Power Wagon in the background. The owner had nicknamed it “The Pusher” as he used it around the grounds to move the various military vehicles. It had ‘retired’ from service 5 years earlier and was in rough shape. We got it fairly cheap and ended up making good profit on it. I hope we find another some day and have the time to get it running. These things are absolute brutes!


1967 GMC 910 Half Ton (SOLD!) – This was another vehicle that caught us by surprise. We went to look at an old Dodge D100 half ton (one of our personal projects) and spotted the GMC among other interesting trucks. We asked if it was for sale, which is was, and we ended up getting it for a really good price. It was complete, rough on the outside, but the interior was fairly mint. We never even tried to turn it over, but ended up selling it the first day we listed for double what we paid!