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Project InfHemi Update #1

Since we first introduced you to our drag truck, Project InfHemi, we’ve been progressing nicely. Here’s what we’ve been up to so far.

We’ve had all the wheels off to inspect the brakes and rotors. Everything surprisingly looked good so we simply cleaned them up, lubed them up, and slapped the wheels back on. At that time we also opened the rear diff to inspect the gearing. As we expected, we found a limited slip differential with 3.93 gears. We still plan on going with a 4.56 ring and pinion or even a complete locker, but it was nice to know that if we didn’t get around to it before race season that the 3.93’s would suffice for the time being.

Next on the agenda was the interior. We’re going in with the mentality that every little bit of weight savings we can get will be beneficial. With that in mind we went to work on removing the interior. With the exception of the upper portion of the dash, we have completely removed the interior. In total I would say we shed 150-200 pounds, most of which came from the bench seat. We still have some things to remove like the wiring, stereo amp, heater core, etc., but great progress on weight savings has been made.

Speaking of weight savings, we have also dropped the stock fuel tank and replaced it with a 5 gallon fuel cell. This will be a significant weight savings over the bulky stock tank.

To move a bit more weight to the back, we also moved the battery from the engine compartment to the bed beside the fuel cell. For symmetry we’ve also placed our nitrous bottle on the other side of the fuel cell.

Since we’ve removed the stock fuel tank and moved the battery to the bed, our next task will be making it run again. We’ve run a new hot line for the batter as well as a brand new external fuel pump, filters and bypass regulator. Just in case the ecu is not happy with our new setup, we have HP Tuners at our disposal to bypass anything we need to in order to make it run. With the Christmas holidays approaching rapidly, chances are it won’t be until the New Year until we have time to get it fired up. Stay tuned to the website and our social media for updates. Happy Holidays to everyone!

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