Event Days

We plan on traveling to many events during the 2017 season. Please check our EVENTS page for a list of events that we have confirmed our attendance.

1 Pull – $60

2 Pulls – $100

Print outs will be provided to all customers, plus a 25% discount card for a private service. All customers are also required to sign a waiver prior to putting your car on the dyno trailer.


Private Service

Aside from events, we are also available to come directly to you. We ask that you book early to guarantee availability. Please visit our EVENTS page to view our prior commitments, because we will not be available for private service on event days.

$150/hour plus $0.50/km travel both ways from the business address (825 Ridge Road Picton, ON) to your location

OR come directly to us and save!!

We regularly set the dyno up right in Prince Edward County to do testing and tuning on our own vehicles. Come meet us at our location and save.


There’s no limit on the number of cars for our private service, so consider grouping with friends to reduce your costs. Print outs provided for all dyno runs.  All customers are required to sign a waiver before their car goes on the dyno trailer.


Off-Season Opportunity

During the racing off season, we will be looking to work with auto mechanics or individuals with enough garage space to fit and operate our 25ft trailer. We would also consider running our service as a White Label, meaning we charge you our private service rates and you then bill your clients with an up-charge of your choosing.