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1997 Ford Mustang GT –  View the 1st Dyno run HERE – This car was our first car that we bought as a company. Stock, the 97 Mustang GT produced a measly 215HP, which is pathetic for V8 standards! Our plan was a horsepower build with dyno runs after key changes. Right off the trailer we dynoed it and got 178rwhp and 195 ft/lbs of torque. Considering the Mustang had a Trick flow upper plenum, cold air intake and some exhaust work, the numbers were a bit low. So we did a tune up (coil packs, fuel filter, spark plugs, oil/filter) and put it back on the dyno. The results were only a couple of points up from our baseline, so we hooked up our air/fuel ratio module to see what was going on. We found the fuel to be very lean, so we used our Diablosport tuner to increase the fuel rate. We were pleased with the results. We ended up with 204rwhp and 274 ft/lbs of torque! That was a gain of almost 30hp and 80 ft/lbs of torque! (view the 2nd video HERE) Of course were not done there. We decided to swap out the heads with PI heads from a 2001 4.6l V8 and add a set of long tube headers. Unfortunately the project has since stalled and we have the car for sale.

1968 Ford F100Check out one of our Dyno runs HERE – This is my personal Sunday cruiser that started life with a tired 360 V8 with 2 barrel carb. Right away I added Pertronix ignition and coil and a set of shorty headers to fix a manifold leak. We got it on the dyno and I was disappointed with with 157rwhp and 252ft/lbs of torque. The 360s made around 190hp at the motor, so I was low even considering the loss from motor to wheels. Using the dyno, we were able to make some timing adjustments and ended up with a respectable 170rwhp and 272ft/lbs of torque. This winter I decided that 170 just isn’t enough! I purchased a 460 big block with an edelbrock aluminum intake, FiTech EFI system, long tube Headman headers and Magnaflow exhaust. To go along with the GO parts, I got some SHOW parts as well including a lowering kit, B&M shifter, new carpet and headliner, new rims and tires, fuel cell and new lights. I’m currently working on putting it all together, so watch for updates!


2017 Dodge Ram 2500 Power Wagon – I purchased this in November 2017 to replace my 2016 Ford F150 because of all the hauling we’ve been doing. Sure, if I was mostly concerned with hauling I would have went with the diesel, but I wanted to haul ass as well! With that in mind I had no choice but to go with the Power Wagon with the huge 6.4l Hemi engine!  I have a S&B cold air intake, Magnaflow exhaust and a Diablosport tune installed to date, but i’ve only tested it on the dyno with the tune installed. With the tune it made 340HP and 350FT/LB and unfortunately it never got a proper test stock as I now have the cold air intake and exhaust installed. Check back in spring to see updated numbers with the bolt ons and i’ll also put the stock computer back in to see how much the tune gives me as well. Check out the Power Wagon on the dyno here




2017 Dodge Ram 1500 – This truck is Jason’s commuter and is a testament that you can make a bare bones Hemi cool with persistence and some hard work. Jason started off by swapping out the stock 17s for a set of 20s found on Kijiji. He sold the 17s on Kijiji, which paid for the 20s. He then added fender flares, a muffler delete, a 2 inch level in the front, Sport headlights, and a badge delete. Next on the list is painted front and rear bumpers, painted grille, K&N cold air intake and Pulsar Tuner. Of course the coolest feature on the truck is our ghosted logo! We’ve tested Jason’s truck on the dyno with a with a Pedal Commander throttle control and the muffler delete and got 313HP and 342FT/LB. We now have the Pulsar and Intake installed and will be testing on the dyno in the Spring. Check out the 2017 Dodge Ram on the dyno here



1995 Ford E350 Ambulance – Our most practical purchase to date has been this Ford E350 Ambulance that we now use to tow the dyno trailer and haul our dyno gear. It has the very well respected 7.3 Powerstroke turbo diesel motor and seems to have more than enough jam to tow our 3-ton dyno trailer. Of course we’re a dyno company so we’re not satisfied with anything stock. We’ve purchased (yet to be installed or tested) an Edge Revolver 6-position tuner to give it a boost, a new stereo/navigation unit with a back up camera (currently, lining it up with our trailer is not fun!), LED headlights and a 52-inch LED light bar for the rear. And of course we’ll have to get it on the dyno as well!

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