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Introducing Project InfHemi!

As we revealed this past Saturday, we have a new project that we are really excited about. We’re calling it Project InfHemi and it comes in the form of a 2004 Dodge Ram short box regular cab with (you guessed it) a 5.7 Hemi V8. What we plan on doing may seem a bit unconventional, but that’s how we roll! We’re making a drag truck out of it. A truck may seem like an odd choice for such a venture, but we’re truck guys so this one seemed fitting for the challenge.

We purchased the truck with just under 190,000km on it for $3000. Some of the upgrades include a 4″ drop on all for corners, mid-length headers, fiberglass ram-air hood (functional) and a JET Performance Stage 2 chip. The fact that it had headers and lowered already were two keys to the decision to purchase this truck, and as an added bonus we didn’t know the hood was fiberglass until we picked it up! Looking online, the hood is a $1000 piece so I think we made out well. The JET Performance chip is a nice touch as well, but we’ll be going with a custom tune, so we’ll sell it to recoup some costs. We also plan on removing and selling the Daytona spoiler and the interior, so there’s more opportunities to recoup some money on our initial investment. Of course we’ll be dumping any money right back into it.

As far as condition goes, it’s about an 8 out of 10 from a distance, but maybe a 6 up close. We’ll have to do the usual Dodge bodywork to the cab corners, rockers and rear wheel wells, but nothing we can’t handle. In all fairness, it’s a sharp looking truck that i’m sure has turned many heads in it’s day. Aside from body, we’ll be tackling regular safety items first to make sure it can make it safely from A to B. Safety is a step that cannot be bypassed. We want to make sure the brakes, suspension and steering are good before doing anything else.

Now onto the fun part…our vision! This truck has seen it’s last highway. From this point forward it will be a track truck only. No more leisurely Sunday drives….only short trips of pure adrenaline! Over the winter we’ll start by getting rid of all of the unnecessaries like the interior, Daytona wing, fuel tank, A/C, traction control, mufflers, airbags, etc. As mentioned above,  we’ll also be taking care of the safety and body work as well as starting to source all the parts needed to make this project come to life.

Once the nice weather is back we’ll be able to give it a shakedown on the dyno and begin the tuning process. We plan on documenting everything we do so watch our website and YouTube channel for updates.

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